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Abrasion Resistance

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There is a general requirement for improved abrasion resistance in applications such as plastic glazing, automotive and aerospace parts, various electronic screens, industrial components such as pipelines etc. One approach to improving performance is to apply a coating.

The incorporation of highly functional monomers or oligomers into a coating improves abrasion resistance by increasing cross-link density, thus stiffening the coating structure. This also has an effect on hardness, chemical resistance and cure response.

A highly functional silsesquioxane resin like Vitolane® SF1000MA will, in addition to the above, confer ceramic-like properties due to the silica superstructure on which the methacrylate groups are attached. Furthermore such resins are lower in viscosity than conventional equivalents thus offering an added benefit.

In trials on polycarbonate, Taber Test results emphasise the superior performance of Vitolane® containing coatings. Results show:

  • 50% increase in haze for uncoated polycarbonate
  • 10% increase in haze when a premium hard coat is applied
  • 3% increase in haze for a Vitolane® containing coating

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