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Heat Resistance

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The Vitolane® technology platform enables the tailoring of silsesquioxanes so that they influence the hydrophilic properties of the compositions into which they are incorporated, such as a coatings or bulk plastics.

Examples of compositions that demand heat or temperature resistance include high temperature adhesives, coatings for high temperature environments e.g. turbines, oil pipes and chemical processing plant, high temperature lubricants and heat mitigation barriers.

The use of Vitolane® oligomers in a compositions influences heat resistance in a number of ways:

  • The structure of the molecules confers ceramic-like properties to the coating or adhesive, including elevated softening points and char-resistance properties
  • The cross-linking ability of Vitolane® materials enables the glass transition and heat distortion temperature of the composition to be increased
  • Selected R groups, such as phenyls, may be incorporated to confer further heat resistance to the composition

Above 20% loading of Vitolane® material the heat resistance properties of a composition will be improved.

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