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Contract Welding Engineers - Remote or On-site Technical Support

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TWI can provide welding engineering services to its Industrial Member Companies. TWI's certified International or European Welding Engineers (IWE and EWE) provide welding technical support, such as the preparation and review of welding procedure specifications (WPS), procedure qualification records (PQR), welding maps, technical specifications, and method statements, along with other welding-related documents.

Our welding engineers cover all aspects of welding in all industry sectors including Oil and Gas, Power Generation (including Nuclear) and Construction and often act as experts in technical discussions with their customers.

For example, TWI engineers have extensive experience with weld repairs, particularly when PWHT is impractical or non-cost effective and when critical materials and/or applications are involved.

In addition, TWI can supply personnel with the relevant qualifications to support welding engineering requirements on site, including long-term residency. This includes providing technical support to every phase in the life of a welded component, e.g. assistance in sourcing welding equipment and contractors, optimisation of fabrication sequences, development of welding procedures and welding coordination. For example, find out how TWI has been supporting the building of Hinkley Point C in Somerset.

Our Welding Engineering contracts are designed to operate with a minimum of administration, thereby allowing a fast response and keeping administration costs and delays to a minimum. In addition, there is a clearly defined maximum spend on general technical support.

Finally, third party witnessing of welding procedure qualification and welder qualification (welding performance qualification) is carried out by TWI Certification Ltd, a separate company created in 1993 in order to separate TWI's activities in the field of certification. TWI Certification Ltd is a recognised third party for the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED).

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