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Health and Safety - Injury, Code of Practice, Standards

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The Health and Safety at Work Act requires that the risk to workers of injury or ill health due to work activities should be minimised and there are many national and international Regulations, approved Codes of Practice and Standards covering the safe operation of welding and cutting systems. In the UK, particular attention should be given to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) publications.

By its broad knowledge, TWI can help your company on:

Safe assembly

Personnel should be aware of the general health and safety requirements of related fabrication activities. Safe places and systems of work include handling and housekeeping.

Safe control of arc welding

Arc processes produce fumes which contaminate the atmosphere surrounding the work. Precautions must be taken to eliminate the risk of electric shock.

Personal protection

Personal protection should be worn to avoid being burnt, being contaminated by fume or by arc radiation.

Fire and explosion hazards

There is an inherent hazard associated with gas processes. Additionally, both flames and arcs in welding and cutting may create a fire hazard. There is also danger of explosion when welding a container which previously contained explosive or flammable substances.

Awareness of welding environments

Noise and vibration are often the cause of accidents as they cause damage to ears and hands.

TWI emphasises strongly on the safety of all its employees and has a deep knowledge in applying safety regulations in various companies.

TWI can support your company with:

  • Welding Engineering Helpdesk: call our qualified quality team free of charge

  • Consultancy on Health and Safety problems

  • Technology and quality audit: TWI can assess your workshop layout and quality management system and can improve your quality system and reduce your costs

The following are useful standards and codes of practice relating to health and safety in welding and allied processes:

  • HSE publications

  • EH 55,1990, The control of exposure to fume from welding and allied processes

  • HS(G) 53, 1990, Respiratory protective equipment: a practical guide to users

  • HS(G) 56, 1990, Noise at work, noise assessment, information and control

  • HS(G) 118, 1995, Electrical safety in arc welding

  • British standards

  • BSEN 169: 2002 Personal eye protection equipment used in welding and similar operations

  • BSEN 470-1:1995 Protective clothing for welders 

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