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TWI supports UK supplier to Hinkley Point C (RCC-M Code)

The first new nuclear power station in the UK for a generation is being built at Hinkley Point C in Somerset, and TWI Ltd has been offering specialist assistance to contractor and Industrial Member company, Darchem Engineering Ltd. Whilst the construction of the first permanent structures is under way, the UK supply chain is active with bidding (and winning) contracts for the manufacturing of various nuclear plant components.

Darchem (based in Stillington), has recently been awarded a fabrication contract that involves material procurement, welding, fabrication and testing. All of these and other related activities are to be carried out in accordance with the Afcen RCC-M Code.

TWI has been assisting Darchem through the tendering stage and this has continued into the first phase of the contract, when a significant volume of documentation had to be prepared and submitted for approval before production could commence. Darchem has been working closely with their customer, but has found TWI specialist assistance helpful. All contracts on Hinkley Point need to be right the first time and thorough preparation is key.

Soon after the contract started, TWI’s Marcello Consonni, an experienced welding engineer and member of various international standard committees, gave a one-day bespoke workshop at Darchem’s site. This provided an overview of the RCC-M code and the practical aspects of its application. As part of the workshop, Marcello and Darchem’s project team went through the code and the contractual requirements. Together they addressed the most urgent and complex technical requirements and ironed out potential conflicts. Following the workshop, TWI issued a report with an overview of the applicable code requirements and recommended immediate actions.

As a TWI Industrial Member, Darchem continue to have access and support on welding, quality assurance, quality control and non-destructive testing throughout the project, especially as this enters the manufacturing phase.

Company profile - Darchem

Darchem Engineering is a wholly owned subsidiary of Esterline Technologies based in USA. Darchem has sales of over £70M, employing over 800 people split between two sites located at Stillington in the North East of England and Gloucester.

Darchem is a manufacturer delivering over 250 different high integrity parts each week to the Aerospace, Nuclear, Oil & Gas, Automotive and Marine Defence Industries. It has particular expertise in :-

  • the application of thermal insulation and passive fire protection systems in challenging environments
  • high integrity aerospace fabrications
  • design, manufacture and installation of pool liners for nuclear power plants
  • high specification waste containers for the nuclear industry.
  • honeycomb impact energy absorbers
  • design, manufacture and installation of marine intake/exhaust systems

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Avatar Marcello Consonni Consultant - Arc Welding

Marcello is a welding engineer at TWI in the UK. Marcello joined TWI's structural integrity department in 2006, then transferred to the welding engineering section in 2009.

Prior to TWI, Marcello worked as a metallurgist and welding engineer for an Italian pressure vessel manufacturer, now owned by the Westinghouse Electric Company.

Marcello is a member of various standardisation committees, including ASME BPV section IX, ASME BPV III UK International Working Group, ISO committees for welding qualifications and was a member of welding quality and the French Afcen committee ‘RCC MRx’ for high temperature and fusion reactors.