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Non-Metallic Materials Testing

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TWI’s testing facilities include those for a range of non-metallic materials including polymers, composites, elastomers, vinyl, textiles and organic as well as non-organic compounds. These materials are widely used by a full range of industries, such as oil and gas, aerospace, and automotive.

These materials can be tested for physical properties such as flexibility, fatigue and strength.

By understanding the properties of a material you can determine its lifespan and how it will operate under different environments.

Our materials scientists use highly specialised tools and facilities to conduct meaningful investigations that make a real difference to the work of our Member companies. This includes recommending materials or optimising them for different applications and conditions.

Offering Dependable, Impartial Advice

Our Members often approach us when they require a failure investigation to be carried out, knowing that we will conduct it in a manner that is completely impartial and independent of the interests of any involved parties.

We can provide personnel for the inspection of high-value qualification tests, and have experience of working with the oil and gas and construction industries on manufacturing processes for elastomer components such as flexible elements and earthquake bearings.

For more general information about our bespoke environmental testing services visit our aggressive environment testing page.

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