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Polymers and Composites Technical Group

With their potential advantages of low weight, good chemical resistance, and improved design flexibility, polymers and composites are challenging the dominance of traditional materials in a wide range of applications.

With that said, in many areas of industry there’s a lack of knowledge in regards to how these relatively newcomers differ from traditional materials and, additionally, how their differences can influence the selection of polymers and composites for any application, including the design of joints between themselves and to other materials.

The Polymers and Composites Technical Group aims to provide up-to-date and relevant new developments in the areas of:

  • joining polymers and composites
  • testing and inspection of joints
  • assessment of fitness-for-purpose of polymer/composite structures
  • national/international standards relating to these areas across a wide range of industries, from medical to oil and gas

The Technical Group also explores the challenges still facing the wider adoption of polymer and composite materials and, additionally, the opportunities these create for those starting, or developing, a career in polymers and composites.

Focusing on current and relevant industry developments, this Technical Group provides a forum for networking and the exchange of ideas and knowledge with industry-leading speaker panels, including from McLaren Racing, Aramco, TWI Ltd, Vestas, R-Tech Materials, DNV, and more.

Past Events: