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TWI Software to Support the Power Industry

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TWI provides a suite of highly customisable software solutions aimed at supporting the power industry. The Welding Software package is the industry standard welding documentation software with code intelligence built in for ASME, EN and AWS welding codes. When used in combination with Welding Co-ordinator industry it is possible to manage every aspect of welding processes.

TWI's RiskwiseTM software is a fully code compliant risk-based inspection (RBI) /risk-based maintenance (RBM) tool for optimising plant inspection and maintenance.


A highly user-friendly RBM program designed for optimising plant maintenance
  • plant-wide risk audit enables inspection resources to be risk-focused
  • optimum outage intervals are formally obtained based on an implicit time dimension of risk
  • risk mitigation measures are signalled and selected to meet maintenance frequency targets.

Recent developments of RiskWISETM for power plants have been consolidated into plant-wide applications. These software suites enable risk-based outage planning for the entire plant. Plant managers are thus able to minimise downtime for optimum inspection and overhaul scheduling of all plant areas.

Thermal plant suite
  • RiskWISE for BoilersTM
  • RiskWISE for Steam TurbinesTM
  • RiskWISE for Balance of PlantTM 

IntegriWISE TM

Fitness-For-Service (FFS) assessment software tool designed by TWI to assist engineers in evaluating the integrity of ageing pipework, pipelines, storage tanks, boilers, pressure vessels and high temperature equipment. IntegriWISE™ is the fastest and easiest software tool to undertake FFS assessments, designed to help calculate and record FFS assessments for industrial plants and equipment.


Automation of fracture and fatigue assessment procedures (BS 7910:2013) for engineering critical assessment
  • Decision-support software designed to assist engineers in evaluating the integrity of plant and structures containing defects
  • Rigorous application of the revised BS 7910:2005 fracture assessment procedures
  • A comprehensive context-sensitive help system provides support for the novice and infrequent user.

Welding CoordinatorTM

Create and manage site-wide fabrication information with full traceability
Benefits in brief
  • Increases efficiency in managing site-wide fabrication
  • Minimises costs with instant progress reports identifying bottlenecks in fabrication
  • Increases productivity by automatically finding qualified welders and welding procedures.


Create and manage welder qualification documents
Benefits in brief
  • Reduces overheads in managing welder qualifications
  • Ensures welder qualifications comply with ASME IX, EN 287/EN ISO 9606 or AWS D1.1 code rules
  • Saves time finding qualified welders and keeping qualifications up-to-date.


Create and manage welding procedure documentation
Benefits in brief
  • Saves time and money by ensuring welding procedures comply with the latest code rules from ASME IX, EN 288/ISO 156xx or AWS D1.1 and QA procedures
  • Allows easier selection of materials by using built-in ASME and AWS base and filler materials databases
  • Automatically creates code-compliant welding procedure specifications (WPSs) from procedure qualification records (PQRs).


Create and manage non-destructive testing/non-destructive engineering (NDT/NDE) reports
Benefits in brief
  • Reduces costs with fast, easy creation of NDT/NDE reports
  • Meets quality assurance (QA) requirements for welding and documentation for all major codes and standards
  • Minimises effort by ensuring traceability of documentation.

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