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Wind Turbine Asset Management and Research

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TWI’s expertise in materials joining, fabrication, structural integrity, non-destructive testing and asset management is available to help the wind industry ensure safe, cost effective and efficient operations.

Owners, operators, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and contractors involved in operating wind farms, whether located onshore or offshore, can benefit from TWI’s expertise. TWI has worked to solve industry’s problems for the last 75 years. Our deep understanding of welding and joining processes can help the rapidly developing wind industry ensure safe operations and avoid catastrophic failures. If a failure does occur, we can carry out a failure investigation, and our understanding of materials performance can help to determine what went wrong.

Consultancy on design of new structures and qualification testing at TWI can provide confidence that new structures have the required static or fatigue strength. Additional insights are gained when numerical modelling is coupled with full scale or small scale testing to understand the performance of structures, components and equipment, ranging from welded nodal joints to high voltage cables.

Our multidisciplinary teams help Members to overcome current and future challenges, with services that address all parts of a wind turbine’s structure. Some examples of the types of projects we carry out include:

  • Fatigue testing of small-scale or full-scale components (welds, bolted joints, mooring chains, armour wires, composite fixtures, etc)
  • Risk-based optimisation of inspections to enable preventative maintenance
  • Failure investigations
  • Development of inspection procedures
  • Performing inspections of wind turbine hubs, blades and welds in structures
  • Consultancy for optimising welding procedures and processes for tower and foundations
  • Electron beam welding to speed up fabrication on thick sections
  • Novel joining techniques, such as friction welding, for high voltage cables
  • Structural integrity assessments to determine whether welds containing fabrication flaws or cracks found in service are fit for purpose or if repair is required
  • Advice on ageing and life extension of structures approaching or past their design life
  • Expertise in corrosion performance and application of corrosion resistant coatings
  • Condition monitoring of structures such as gearboxes
  • Adhesive bonding of composites used in turbine blades

Contact us to discuss how we can help.

Growing demand for global wind energy power generation, from the UK and the United States to China, is driving an increase in the number of wind turbines installed at both onshore and offshore locations.

To improve generating capacity, wind turbine manufacturers and those involved in wind farm operation have been researching larger and more efficient machines, lighter structures and optimised wind power equipment manufacturing techniques. This has an impact through the wind market supply chain, from wind turbine suppliers and owners of wind assets, to inspection and asset management services and manufacturers of spare parts for the wind industries.

At TWI, we use our expertise and experience within the wind power industry to provide support for the UK department of energy's requirements to cost effectively deliver manufacturing, fabrication and asset management for the renewable energy sector.

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