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Power - New and Renewable: Biomass and Energy from Waste

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As fuel streams biomass and waste can be co-fired, gasified, pyrolised, or directly combusted. As well as routes to more secure energy provision both contribute positively to the broader environmental agenda. Unfortunately, they can also be extremely aggressive fuels posing major materials engineering issues.

As well as dealing with fundamentally aggressive fuels the operators of biomass and energy from waste plant frequently do not have the control that they would like to have over the composition of their fuel. Therefore the capability to deal with a as broad a range of aggressive species as possible is vital.

As a fully independent and impartial organisation TWI is perfectly placed to provide an un-biased assessment of the suitability of a proposed technology and thus help minimise associated project risk for developers and financers alike.

The unrivalled combination of track record and innovation is particularly beneficial to biomass and waste-to-energy financers and developers seeking to understand better the challenges posed by these fuels streams and the technologies being developed to handle them.

TWI has led the development of a range of thermally sprayed and nano-composite coatings aimed preventing the high corrosion, erosion and slagging that occur in biomass and waste-to-energy plant.
Also, with a strong pedigree in support of the thermal power industry TWI can support plant developers, operators and OEMs with structural integrity, fitness-for-service, and residual life assessment services.

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For more information please email: