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Surfi-Sculpt: Development

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Electron beam Surfi-Sculpt

The electron beam is controlled by a programmable system comprising hardware and software developed at TWI. EB Surfi-Sculpt is currently under development for a range of industrial applications.

Laser beam Surfi-Sculpt

Although less mature, work is under way on a wide variety of materials employing high brightness laser beams, with rapid work piece movement or galvanometric mirror beam deflection 

Fine-Scale Surfi-sculpt

Currently, features of the order of tens of microns up to tens of millimetres in height can be made. The figure on the right shows several Surfi-Sculpt features made on the head of a pin. Further work on micro and macro processing using Surfi-Sculpt is underway as part of the TWI Core Research Programme (CRP)

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