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Surfi-Sculpt: Applications

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Surfaces produced with the Surfi-Sculpt process have shown potential for the following applications:

  • Composite to metal bonding, also known as ComeldTM
  • Promotion of adhesive bonding
  • Bonding and direct moulding of polymers to metal parts
  • Manufacture of aerodynamically enhanced surfaces
  • Manufacture of hydrodynamically enhanced surfaces
  • As a preparation prior to surface coating
  • Manufacture of filters and other applications requiring shaped slots and holes, e.g. for mixing of gases and/or liquids
  • Manufacture of surfaces with enhanced thermal properties
  • Manufacture of tailored surfaces with specific wave interaction, absorption, emission and/or propagation properties
  • Manufacture of locally alloyed functional surfaces with specific mechanical, electrical, magnetic, thermal chemical, etc properties.

A prototype liquid cold plate heat exchanger (courtesy of Thermacore Europe)

TWI would welcome collaboration with potential industrial users of the technology in any of the above application areas.

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