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Repair of Ageing Steel and Iron Structures

Project Code: 0903-05


Produce joints in sample wrought iron using a variety of processes, consumables, parameters and configurations.

Trial novel techniques, with low temperature, low dilution characteristics for the repair of wrought iron.

Carry out destructive and non-destructive testing of welds to determine mechanical properties of joints.
Based upon experimental data produce a best practice guide for the welding of wrought iron.

Project Outline

Understanding of the materials in question through thorough and accurate NDT procedures is essential. Proper selection of welding consumables and welding techniques is vital to avoid defects and structural problems. This project will examine the latest technology, identify gaps and where feasible work to develop suitable solutions. A full programme of testing and evaluation of the materials in question will be undertaken. Due to the unique age and characteristics of some of the material it may be necessary to use reclaimed material representative of those in question. This project will look to develop best practice guidelines for industry allowing repairs to be carried out safely and more cost effectively.

Relevant Industry Sectors

Equipment, Consumable and Materials, Construction and Engineering, Road, Rail, Building structures

Technical and Economic Benefits

This project will fill an important gap in TWIs knowledge base and allow us to provide safer and more reliable information to our member companies. It will allow us to provide consultation services to member companies for repairs in wrought iron with data based on thorough experimental data. The need for repairs to materials such as these is becoming more common and more critical, and currently TWI has very limited information or experience in this field, this project will address these shortcomings.

Industrial Member Report

Access the Industrial Member Report resulting from this programme:

Potential of Welding for Repair of Wrought Iron


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