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TWI – Software Products for the Oil and Gas Industry

TWI has developed a range of software products to help managers in the oil and gas industry improve the cost-effectiveness and quality control of their compliance-critical administration procedures.


Automation of fracture and fatigue assessment procedures (BS 7910) for engineering criticality assessment and fitness-for-serviceevaluations:

  • Decision-support software designed to assist engineers in evaluating the integrity of plant and structures containing defects

  • Evaluates the effects of structural flaws over a broad range of materials and geometries

  • A comprehensive context-sensitive help system provides support for the novice and infrequent user

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A highly user-friendly risk-based inspection (RBI)program designed for optimising plant inspection (compliant with API 580):

  • Plant-wide risk audit enables inspection resources to be risk-focused

  • Optimum inspection intervals are formally obtained based on an implicit time dimension of risk

  • Risk mitigation measures are signalled and selected to meet inspection frequency targets

There are four RISKWISE packages relevant to the oil and gas industry:

  • RISKWISE for process plants

  • RISKWISE for pipelines

  • RISKWISE for storage tanks

  • RISKWISE for boilers

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INTEGRIWISE is a Fitness-For-Service (FFS)assessment software tool designed by TWI to assist engineers in evaluating the integrity of ageing pipework, pipelines, storage tanks, boilers, pressure vessels and high temperature equipment. It is the fastest and easiest software tool to undertake FFS assessments. IntegriWISE is designed to help calculate and record FFS assessments for industrial plants and equipment.

  • automates Level 1 and Level 2 Fitness for Service (FFS) assessments described in API 579/ASME FFS-1
  • all assessments are rigorous applications of a selection of the most widely used and relevant FFS standards or procedures from API and ASME (e.g. API 579-1/ ASME FFS-1 2007, ASME B31.G)
  • allows engineers and managers to improve safety and plant availability and to reduce outage and maintenance costs.
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TWI Welding software suite

The TWI Welding software suite comprises four tools to help busy managers control and monitor welding procedures in line with current standards and quality control systems:


Weldspec is a multi-user Windows application for managing welding procedures.

This revolutionary software gives users an easy, fast and accurate way to create and manage welding procedure specifications and procedure qualification records. It includes automatic code checking and links to code-related software modules. The code checking in Weldspec checks your documents against the requirements of ASME IX, AWS D1.1 or EN 288 to ensure compliance.

Weldspec™ >>


A multi-user Windows application for managing welder qualifications and certification.

Welderqual is designed to store welders' qualification certificates. The data that can be stored are based on the relevant variables specified by most commonly used codes, including EN 287, ASME IX and AWS D1.1. All the variables associated with welder qualification can be stored.

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Welding Co-ordinator

A production weld management software system for full company-wide monitoring and traceability of fabrication information.

Welding Co-ordinator manages electronically what many manufacturers manage today on paper. The basis for this software package is what fabricators call 'weld data sheets', 'weld maps', 'weld schedules' or 'fabrication reports'.

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NDT spec
NDT spec facilitates the cost-effective and code-compliant management of non-destructive engineering (NDE) documentation.

NDT spec meets the needs of all major codes and standards, resulting in clear professional reports that are quick and simple to produce.

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