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Fatigue Instrumentation and Monitoring

Instrumentation and monitoring
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TWI has many years of experience in designing and installing instrumentation and data logging systems for measurement of service-loading or stress histories.

We can provide the following services:

  • design and application of monitoring systems
  • data recording, for example during trials, hydrotests or other service operations
  • analysis and interpretation of data

The CrackFirstTM fatigue sensor system is an alternative method of monitoring steel welded structures for long-term fatigue usage. These systems provide a method of estimating the remaining fatigue life and can be used to set usage-based inspection intervals.

When attached adjacent to a fatigue-critical detail, the sensor responds to the cyclic loading, changing its output in proportion to the cumulative fatigue damage for a typical fillet welded joint. We can advise on the use of CrackFirst sensor systems on new structures or those already in service.

Fatigue monitoring

We have assessed a wide range of structures and components for Industrial Members, including earth-moving equipment, road trucks and tankers, bridges, transmission masts, pressure vessels and process plants.

Fatigue lifespan prediction

In many fatigue assessments, the most difficult and critical step is characterising the in-service loads. Once these are known, further analysis can be carried out to assess the expected fatigue life.

Measured strains can be used directly for fatigue lifespan prediction. Alternatively, instrumentation to measure applied forces and displacements in relevant locations on a structure allows for a realistic input into finite element analysis (FEA) models or other methods of analysis, resulting in more accurate predictions of fatigue life.

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