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Fatigue Crack Repair and Life Extension

Fatigue crack repair and life extension
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TWI offers advice on methods for fatigue crack repair and weld improvement, along with a range of improvement techniques.

Our advice covers areas including process selection, specification of the equipment required, inspection after treatment, and improving likely fatigue life.

Improvement techniques available include weld toe burr machining, shot or needle peening, high frequency impact treatment and TIG dressing. Our engineers are able to oversee the necessary work onsite or carry it out themselves.

Extending component life-cycles

Designing and specifying repairs to fatigue cracks is a specialised process; a badly designed or poorly executed weld repair is unlikely to survive as long as the original joint. Careful excavation of the cracking, followed by weld repair and application of a weld improvement technique, such as weld toe burr machining, has been shown to give a significant increase in the remaining fatigue life.

We can provide guidance on the most appropriate repair methods, assist in devising method statements and advise on possible design improvements. Our expertise means our Members can be confident that the correct repair method for the application is being used.


TWI has successfully applied life extension to off-shore structures, bridges and many other components for a number of TWI Member companies.

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