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Ferrous Alloys (Steel)

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Steels have been around for centuries and are unfairly perceived as an old and stagnant technological area. In fact, steels-making is continuously improving and new and unique grades are being introduced into the market in a pace never seen before. The combination of affordability and the possibility to tailor the properties of steels through alloying and processing has guaranteed the position of steel as the most widely used functional metal in modern civilisation.

In its over 60 years' experience in working with steels, TWI has helped determine the weldability limits and best practices for a wide range of steels: from supermartensitic and duplex stainless steels to carbon and microalloyed steels. Operational limits for alloys used in sour-service, under cathodic polarisation, or at high temperature have been extensively researched.

TWI is a world leading organisation in this field and has assisted many industry sectors in expanding the application limits for modern steels in challenging environments, guarantee the integrity of assets, and in identifying and minimizing potential risks.

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