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Aluminium alloys are ubiquitous in transport applications because they provide engineering materials with good strength to weight ratios at reasonable cost. Further applications make use of the corrosion resistance and conductivity (both thermal and electrical) of some alloys and are attractive as packaging.

Joining aluminium is a challenge both to avoid flaws and make the most of the available parent metal properties.

TWI is able to provide information about the alloys without a vested interest in their promotion. TWI’s expertise covers all joining technologies and their effects on alloy performance. The biggest revolution in aluminium joining in recent times has been caused by TWI’s invention of friction stir welding.

TWI has a historic association with aluminium alloys stretching from the development of inert gas-shielded welding techniques and weldable Al-Zn-Mg alloys to power beam technologies and friction sir welding.

Extensive data have been developed on the fatigue properties of joints and the corrosion resistance of welds.

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