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The ‘AMMARA’ project, completed under TWI’s Exploratory Programme, intended to develop a new and distinct capability for processing aluminium alloys (Al-alloys) through laser metal deposition (LMD).  In the future, this innovative concept has the potential to enhance TWI competitiveness and attract future opportunities for future projects that involve this application.

On completion, AMMARA successfully achieved several of its key objectives, with resulting accomplishments as follows:

  • Introduction of a new alloy which has promising potential for use in repair operations, coatings development and large-scale additive manufacturing (AM)
  • Provision of a novel AI-alloy with markedly superior mechanical properties when compared to existing ones in use
  • Creation of a new database focused on the processing of Al-alloys complete with details of material properties

Moreover, it is anticipated that the outcomes of the project will contribute to enhanced comprehension of Al-alloys processing, thereby mitigating risks in future research and development projects.

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