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Exploratory Programme

Exploratory Programme

The purpose of TWI’s Exploratory Programme is to drive innovation and generate commercially exploitable new intellectual property (IP) or know-how for TWI.

Through the Exploratory Programme, TWI aims to provide funding for concept validation, prototype development, market analysis, and IP development, protection, valuation and exploitation.

The Exploratory Programme focuses on conducting technology feasibility studies to validate concepts and explore their industrial attractiveness. Each of the selected projects is aligned to the responsible TWI Technical Section, Innovation Centre or global office’s technology roadmap, and the corresponding, identified needs of TWI Industrial Member companies and their operating industries. The programme helps to establish credible routes to market and return on investment (ROI) through potential new single client projects (SCPs).

It also serves to explore the conversion of future products into sales opportunities, such as through spin-outs and licensing, thereby further enhancing TWI’s technology exploitation and commercialisation efforts.

Find out about some of our Exploratory Programme projects. 

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