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Core Research Programme, Research Board and Committees

The Core Research Programme (CRP) is governed by a dedicated CRP Research Board whose purpose is to advise TWI’s Council, and support the CRP Management Team, on technical matters related to the programme and the application of its research and development (R&D) project results within industry.  It also provides guidance across CRP activities and make decisions as delegated by TWI Council.  This includes contributing to the selection of CRP projects, based on addressing the key technological and/or industrial challenges being experienced by TWI Industrial Members in the short to medium term.

Technical Committees

The Technical Committees, namely Engineering, Materials, and Manufacturing, collectively comprise around 50 Members who are recognised leaders within industry.  The Technical Committees each have a Chair and Vice-Chair, all of whom must be representatives from TWI Industrial Member companies or have attained distinction in some discipline relevant to engineering and technologies.  Chairs and Vice-Chairs are nominated positions.

CRP projects are aligned to is aligned to the CRP Technology Roadmap and TWI's Corporate Strategy, supporting both TWI and its Industrial Member companies to optimise, extend and create new technologies and systems, processes and procedures, products and services, and capabilities.


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