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Core Research Programme Management Team

The Core Research Programme (CRP) Management Team is responsible for the operational running of the programme within TWI, and is led jointly by the organisation’s respective Directors for each of Innovation and Skills,  and Research.  Robust processes, procedures and reporting, and regular dissemination of key activities amongst TWI staff, all contribute to the smooth operation of the CRP.  In combination with rigorous project delivery, appropriate resource and relevant technical expertise, this enables the CRP to fulfil its commitments to TWI Industrial Member companies, who contribute Membership fees to the programme. 

Addressing the needs of TWI Industrial Member companies

 The CRP Management Team ensures that the most significant challenges being faced by TWI and its Industrial Members are addressed through the delivery of CRP projects.  This includes seeking and identifying Industrial Member companies’ needs through activities such as facilitated technology mapping workshops and 1-2-1s, and organising calls for proposal submissions.  To get the green light, a CRP project must have met specified criteria in relation to a technology area and/or industry sector that has been identified as being of critical interest to the future operations of TWI and Member companies. 

CRP projects are aligned to the CRP Technology Roadmap and TWI's Corporate Strategy, supporting both TWI and its Industrial Member companies to optimise, extend and create new technologies and systems, processes and procedures, products and services, and capabilities.



CRP Management Team communications

 Effective marketing and dissemination of the CRP is central to operations because it supports profile raising for TWI Industrial Member companies and TWI.  These activities demonstrate the return on investment and impact achieved by CRP projects to the engineering technologies community internationally, as well as extending some of the benefits that have been achieved through the research and development (R&D) out to wider industry.  CRP projects serve to inform the creation of new products and services, systems and processes, all of which can lead to reduced costs, improved quality, and better levels of safety and reliability.  Therefore, CRP outputs, including Report AbstractsExecutive Summaries and Insights (case studies), are promoted via conferences and workshops, published papers, PR, online platforms such as TWI’s website and social media, and more.

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