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Supercritical CO2/H2S in Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS)

Project Code: 0902-08


Investigate and review the testing of welded metallic materials in supercritical fluids at ambient and elevated temperatures.

Perform mechanical and corrosion testing of welded metallic materials in supercritical fluids at ambient and/or elevated temperatures.

Project Outline

Test techniques and equipment appropriate for the assessment of mechanical and corrosion properties of welded metallic materials in supercritical fluids will be investigated and reviewed. Suitable testing facilities do not exist currently at TWI and is outside the scope of this project but a number of initiatives are underway that could lead to the building of such facilities. Assuming such facilities are acquired at TWI, testing at ambient and/or elevated temperatures in supercritical fluids would be carried out on welded metallic materials.

Relevant Industry Sectors

Oil and gas, power

Technical and Economic Benefits

This work will benefit designers and fabricators of equipment for the transport of supercritical fluids.

This work will benefit manufacturers and users of components in high temperature-high pressure CO2/H2S-containing environments by the application of corrosion testing techniques for assessment and qualification testing of welded materials for use in oil and gas production service environments.

Industrial Member Report

Access the Industrial Member Report resulting from this programme:

Materials Technology Gap Analysis for Handling CO2 in Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS), and Oil and Gas Service

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