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Residual Stress Evaluation in Clad Components

Project Code: 0901-17


Develop procedures of determining residual stresses (RS) in carbon and alloy steel components clad with corrosion resistant alloys (CRA).

Develop guidance on the effects of RS on defect-tolerance of such clad components.


Modelling and experimental determination of residual stresses in internally clad components (mainly pipelines).

Effects of CRA characteristics (stainless steel/Inconel) and weld process/procedure on RS distribution.

Effects of RS on defect tolerance of backing material.

Project Outline

This proposal is aimed to develop and apply welding residual stress prediction and measurement methods in clad components, with the focus on carbon and alloy steel pipes clad with CRA.

Procedures of simulation of residual stresses in clad pipes will be developed for use in a design environment for fatigue and fracture assessments. The effects due to welding processes on mitigating welding residual stresses will be investigated. The effects of RS on defect tolerance of backing material will also be investigated.

The project will make a comparative study of different residual stress measurement techniques to develop the state of the art and to validate the numerical models. Axial and hoop residual stresses will be measured and compared to the modelling results. The techniques would be surface and through thickness measurement using various measuring techniques, if necessary, such as centre hole drilling layer removal, deep hole drilling and neutron diffraction.

Relevant Industry Sectors

Oil and Gas, Nuclear

Technical and Economic Benefits

There are numerous engineering calculations conducted every year for the Oil and Gas industry in which the unknown residual stresses make the difference between go and no go, so the potential savings are significant (easily 500k pa).

Industrial Member Report

Access the Industrial Member Report resulting from this programme:

Fabrication technologies, residual stresses and structural integrity in clad components


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