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Local Vacuum Mobile Sliding Seal RPEB Welding

Project Code: 23031

Industrial Need

The primary driver for this technology is to allow the EB welding of large structures which it is usually uneconomic to consider EB welding due to the constraints imposed by the need to contain the entire weldment in a vacuum chamber. Industries where interest in this technology is strong are, off-shore wind (for the fabrication of thick section C-Mn steel piles) and conventional/nuclear power generation where more economic, but high integrity, manufacturing methods are required to meet demand for pressure vessels.


Development of the local vacuum mobile sliding seal established in previous work to a position of repeatable and robust laboratory application where it may be used to validate real applications.

Alignment of welding performance to identified large scale fabrication needs and proof of equivalence to in-chamber welding performance.

Relevant Industry Sectors

Oil and Gas, Power

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