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Inspection of Thin Materials and Ligaments

Project Code: 0901-14


Provide a suitable range of test samples for investigation with thickness range 3-6mm. These would include:

Welds in stainless steel

Welds in titanium

Welds in steel

Establish optimised parameters/techniques for defect detection and measurement of ligament thickness using eddy current array and phased array ultrasonic systems

Provide method statements for these measurements

Project Outline

The first action of the project will be to decide on appropriate samples and to obtain information in the literature giving the nature of possible defects and the methods to be used. A set of samples will then be constructed with a range of suitable geometries, defects and sizes.

Possibilities for measurement of the near surface ligament sizing include eddy currents in various formats (eg weldscan probes, absolute and transmit receive systems using arrays) Possibilities in thermal techniques include transient thermography and heat transmission.

Similarly ultrasonic surface wave attenuation could also be investigated for near surface ligament sizing, and corner echo analysis could reveal information about ligament size for cracks approaching the far surface.

Samples would be sectioned to compare measured parameters against actual ligaments.

Relevant Industry Sectors

Nuclear (Storage and processing), Oil and Gas, Aerospace

Technical and Economic Benefits

Development of the applications of eddy current and ultrasonic techniques.

Better lifetime assessment of components with flaws.

Enhanced safety assurance. 

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