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Carbon Nanotube Reinforced Polymers for Extreme Applications

Project Code: 0905-01


Produce carbon nanotube reinforced PE and elastomer at three different additive loading concentrations.

Measure the permeability of the reinforced and unreinforced polymers against representative field fluids.

Produce HDPE samples filled with carbon nanotubes, carbon black and Clearweld absorber.

Compare laser welding of thermoplastics using carbon nanotubes with carbon black and Clearweld absorber.

Produce guidance for industry on whether carbon nanotube reinforcement can be used to increase performance of common oilfield polymers and whether the use of carbon nanotubes can improve the laser welding process.

Project Outline

A number of carbon nanotube reinforced elastomer and PE samples will be produced at 1, 5 and 10 Wt% loadings. Small discs of 100 mm thickness specimens will be prepared from reinforced and unreinforced samples and tested for permeation of fluids including H2S, CO2 and Methane.

HDPE specimens filled with carbon nanotubes, carbon black and Clearweld absorber will be produced for laser welding trials. Tensile testing will be carried out to assess the strength of the welds.

Relevant Industry Sectors

Oil and Gas, Power, Construction

Technical and Economic Benefits

Improving the barrier properties of polymers will lead to life extension for many structures which are costly to replace such as flexible pipes and bonded off loading hoses.

Improving the laser-polymer interaction during through transmission laser welding, thus increasing the strength of the weld and making the through-transmission laser welding process more efficient (faster, less laser energy required, welding of thicker parts).

Industrial Member Report

Access the Industrial Member Report resulting from this programme:

Evaluation of the use of carbon nanotubes for rubber reinforcement and for improved transmission laser welding

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