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Estimation of Probability of Detection Curves Based on Theoretical Simulation of the Inspection Process

Project Code: 0901-13


Demonstrate the feasibility of estimating realistic POD curves by theoretical simulation of the ultrasonic inspection process.

Project Outline

Develop new simulation tool (in consultation with British Energy and/or Rolls-Royce), as identified in the current CRP project 0701-11, eg simulate the scanning of the probe. It is anticipated that the new tool will make use of the existing British Energy code PEDGE.

Confirm that the new simulation tool predicts realistic ultrasonic PODs for the existing Case Study.

Develop internal estimate of accuracy (based on error flags already used within the PEDGE code).

Extend the range of application of the simulation tool, eg to include extra essential parameters, distributions and/or full-skip inspection.

Use the simulation tool to predict PODs versus through-wall extent for a further Case Study.

Assess plausibility of results with reference to relevant literature.

Advise on feasibility of extending approach to other inspection situations.

Relevant Industry Sectors

Power Generation, Oil and Gas, Aerospace

Technical and Economic Benefits

Shorter lead times for inspection qualification/validation programmes requiring POD information.

Quicker and cheaper generation of PODs for Probabilistic Safety Assessment.

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