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EB Quality vs Performance

Project Code: 0904-03


Devise two standard test cases for EB welding equipment.

Devise a beam characterisation method.

Test a range of EB machines.

Identify the critical measurements that determine welding performance.

Project Outline

The project will first review the applications of electron beam and will select two generic test cases for the assessment of EB quality and welding performance. Such cases will be selected on the basis of value added by improving quality assurance for the process and machine selection. A suitable electron beam characterisation method will be developed this is likely to involve beam probes and will review the beam measurements most likely to be able to characterise the welding performance.

A number of test machines will be identified covering the range of EB machines commonly in use. The generic test cases will be used to compare the welding performance of different machines and the beam characterisation method will be used to compare the beam qualities of different machines.

It is anticipated that analysis of these results will indicate the most suitable beam qualities for each of the generic test applications and will identify the most critical measurements that determine performance.

Relevant Industry Sectors

Aerospace, Power, Defence, Electronics and Sensors, Medical, Chemical

Technical and Economic Benefits

Understanding of critical beam measurements.

Improved QA in high value applications.

Improved transfer of production EBW from one machine to another.

Improved selection of EB welding equipment.

Industrial Member Report

Access the Industrial Member Report resulting from this programme:

Introduction to the Measurement of the Quality of Electron Beams


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