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Methods for Damage Detection in Structural Health Monitoring

Project Code: 23202


  • Review of the existing data analysis techniques
  • Develop technique(s) for the analysis long term trend data
  • Develop an algorithm for the selected techniques
  • Validate the technique with the available data from the LRU projects
  • Add the algorithm as an option to the commercial Teletetst Software

Project Outline


Relevant Industry Sectors

Technical and Economic Benefits

Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) is an area of growing interest and worthy of new and innovative approaches.  The increasing age of our existing infrastructure makes the cost of maintenance and repairs a growing concern.  SHM may alleviate this by replacing scheduled maintenance with as needed maintenance, thus saving the cost of unnecessary maintenance, on one hand, and preventing unscheduled maintenance, on the other hand.

For new structures, the inclusion of SHM sensors and systems from the design stage is likely to greatly reduce the life-cycle cost.

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