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Degradation of Material Properties in High Pressure Hydrogen

Project Code: 0902-09


Investigate the microstructural mechanisms involved in HEE.

Enable further understanding of suitable material choices for hydrogen service.

Project Outline

A number of austenitic alloys will be tested over a range of pressures (ambient to 1000 bar) and temperatures (-50 to +85C) in order to develop an understanding of the effect of these variables on material properties including tensile and fatigue properties. Through post-test analysis of fracture faces and presence of measurement of the amount of strain induced martensite understanding of HEE will be increased.

Areas of research interest found by the HYDEE collaborative programme will also be explored, partly in order to validate our test facility with currently published results but also to allow TWI to investigate further areas of interest not covered by the HYDEE programme.

Low cycle fatigue testing will be of particular interest as there is currently very little data available in the public domain concerning the effect of hydrogen on fatigue lives. There is some evidence that fatigue lives are significantly reduced in hydrogen environments.

Relevant Industry Sectors

Automotive, Power, Construction and Engineering

Technical and Economic Benefits

A greater understanding of the mechanisms involved in HEE.

Enhanced ability to select or develop materials and fabrication methods for components potentially leading to more economical components.

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