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Residual Stress Control via Martensitic Weld Metal

Project Code: 0902-04


Establish whether significant residual stress reduction can be achieved in industrially relevant welded joints in high strength steel via the development and use of welding consumables with a low martensitic transformation temperature.

Project Outline

The project will identify the required characteristics for the new consumables and propose compositions. Trial welding consumables will be produced, and welds deposited so that the ability to reduce residual stresses via transformation effects and thermal cycle control can be established. The test programme will include measurement of residual stresses and microstructural assessment, to establish whether full transformation has occurred. Dilatometry will be performed to identify the transformation characteristics of the weld metal.

Relevant Industry Sectors

Construction and Engineering 

Technical and Economic Benefits

Identification of welding consumable compositions giving reduced weld residual stress.

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