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Hybrid Laser Arc Deposition Additive Manufacture

Project Code: 23069

Industrial Need

The aerospace and power generation industry in particular is considering the implementation of Additive Manufacture (AM) technologies for the production of large components with complex geometries and fine details.

Typical aerospace applications include the fabrication of aircraft landing gear, engine casings and structural airframe components.

One of the main drivers for the implementation of AM technologies is to increase material utilisation and reduce buy to fly ratios which can be 10:1 or higher costing the aerospace industry € billions.

However, for AM to be commercially successful deposition rates need to be increased considerably (>1.5kg/hr) whilst reducing the amount of post processing/machining that is required.


The objectives of this work are:

Develop a Hybrid Laser Arc Deposition (HLAD) processing rig.

Investigate different modes of HLAD operation for the deposition of Titanium and Nickel alloys.

Develop processing parameters which increase deposition rate whilst maintaining desirable microstructural properties together with reduced dilution and distortion in the structure.

Relevant Industry Sectors

Aerospace and Power generation

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