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Defect reduction in aluminium and titanium alloy deposits produced via an alternative arc DED process

Project Code: 35594

Start date and planned duration: August 2023, 5 months


  • Reduction of porosity when welding aluminium wrought products, welding aluminium parts prepared using any additive methods and in aluminium deposits manufactured by arc DED technique
  • Reduction of porosity in titanium deposits manufactured by arc DED method
  • Reduction of lack of fusion in the deposits prepared via arc DED

Project Outline

Aluminium and titanium alloys are widely used in aerospace and automobile sectors for their light weight and corrosion resistance properties while titanium is mainly for high strength to weight ratio and high temperature properties. However, both the alloys suffer from porosity formation during welding and similar problems are found in arc DED deposits and also in welding of deposits prepared using any additive methods.

The project seeks to address the issue of porosity formation in aluminium and titanium welds and DED deposits. Also, a potential lack of fusion in the case of titanium welds and arc DED deposits. Representative arc DED parts will be prepared using a modified TIG welding process followed by characterisation using x-ray computed tomography and macro examination. 

Industry Sectors



Benefits to Industry

The improved approach will provide the following benefits:


  • Improved quality – reduced occurrence of porosity in weld metal
  • Improved performance – increased mechanical properties


  • Cost saving – more reliable and repeatable process requiring less development and qualification efforts




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