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TWI Develops New Aluminium Diffusion Bonding Technique

Wed, 06 May, 2020

TWI recently developed a proprietary technique that enables the successful diffusion bonding of aluminium with the ability to achieve joint strengths comparable to the heat-treated parent material, for previously investigated grades.

Our technique produces an autogenous joint as no interlayers or melting point suppressants are required.

In support of this work, a research programme was launched to investigate the application of the technique to different aluminium alloys and other materials.

The initial focus of the investigation has been on the following two grades of aluminium:

  • 2024 – (Al-Cu alloy)
  • 6082 – (Al-Mg alloy)

The strength of the joints made using TWI’s method were significantly stronger (2.5 times for 2024 alloy) compared to not using the technique.

Initial mechanical testing results have shown:

  • Alloy 6082 DB– 84% of yield strength and 76% of UTS achieved.
  • Alloy 2024 DB– 71% of yield strength and 74% of UTS achieved.

Whilst project work is ongoing to complete further mechanical testing and metallographic assessments, we anticipate potential applications include compact heat exchangers, heat sinks, cooling loops, and process intensification units.

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