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On-Site Metallography: Testing and Analysis

On-site metallography of components makes it possible to evaluate a material's microstructure and the possible remaining life of a structure, or confirm heat treatment condition, for example. It allows microstructural analysis of large components that are difficult to move or not permitted to be destructively tested, enabling rapid evaluation of the material. In addition, other techniques can be utilised to obtain replicas of the surface topography or fracture face, hardness measurement etc. TWI has a team of highly experienced technicians that can deliver on-site metallography testing and analysis, worldwide, normally at extremely short notice.

TWI has a unique team of specialists experienced in carrying out field metallography (replicas), portable hardness measurements and fracture surface replicas.  Replicas can be imaged in the field, and digital images made available immediately to the client, or depending on the infrastructure at the field site, real time support from the engineering staff in Cambridge can also be available, including live interpretation of micrographs.

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