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Power Beam Welding of Engine Components

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Power beam welding (laser and electron beam) has been used for several years to weld aircraft engine components.

The growth of Yb fibre lasers over the last 5 years has radically changed the welding industry, with increased efficiency and extended beam time. The development of advanced electron beam deflection and probing techniques has also led to processing advantages.

TWI has a range of Yb fibre laser and EB equipment available to assist Industrial Members, and can act impartially to determine the best process for a given product application. TWI works closely with laser and EB machine manufacturers to be at the leading edge of technology.

Laser and EB welding equipment is known to be expensive, but with the increasing number of sub-contract facilities available, TWI is able to assist the supply chain with the best se of processing parameters to make high quality cost effective welds.

A substantial amount of work on the Core Research programme has been conducted in recent years, and fibre laser welding was part of a recent aerospace GSP on high productivity welding. It was compared with advanced arc welding processes.

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