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Technology Impact

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Corporate social responsibility is at the heart of TWI’s mission to provide authoritative and impartial, expert advice, knowhow and safety assurance. We exist to help the engineering, materials and joining communities to work together to manufacture, operate and decommission high integrity structures. We assist our Industrial Members to address the challenges of sustainability; meeting growing demands whilst minimising use of resources and environmental impact.

Engineering Solutions to Global Problems

The oil and gas industry faces increasing challenges to extract hydrocarbons from ever more difficult locations, whether in hot and corrosive fields deep below the sea or in the cold and remote fields of the Arctic. TWI works on behalf of the major international oil and gas companies, to develop enabling knowhow to access these resources safely and economically, through welding engineering, materials testing and integrity management technologies.

Transport system manufacturing is increasingly competitive globally and there is constant pressure to improve fuel efficiency and minimise environmental impact. TWI innovates constantly by providing a stream of new joining, inspection, coating and manufacturing technologies to companies across the world, to support the manufacture of lightweight, fuel-efficient vehicles.

Power generation is undergoing a vital transition from hydrocarbons to low carbon technologies, whether renewable or nuclear. The need for plant to be affordable, whilst being reliable and long-lasting, has never been greater. TWI provides innovative manufacturing technology for many structures, including wind turbines, nuclear waste canisters and the international prototype fusion reactor, advanced inspection methods to assist life extension of plant, and remote laser cutting for decommissioning.

Whilst we all strive to avoid engineering failure, occasional instances are unavoidable. TWI is an expert of resource in the understanding of structural failure and we work with our Members to diagnose the causes of failure, find immediate solutions and develop underpinning technologies to minimise future risks.

TWI is a supporting partner and promoter of the Breathe Freely campaign launched by the Chartered Society for Work Health Protection.

Upskilling and Training of Technical Personnel

Finally, the world needs more competent people to rise to these challenges. TWI’s training school operates in the UK, South East and Central Asia, the Middle East and India, and leads the world in certification of competence to inspect welds. To address the growing shortage of engineers, TWI has established the Structural Integrity Research Foundation, with support from the UK Government, to train over 500 postgraduates over the next ten years at the National Structural Integrity Research Centre based at TWI headquarters.

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