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Codes and Standards Committees

Codes and Standards Committees

TWI actively participates in the work of numerous Codes and Standards Committees across various fields and sectors, see below for a complete list. Click on a Committee for more information.

To find out if TWI is active in a particular committee, use the drop down menus or the search box below. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact our Codes & Standards experts.


Committee / subcommitee ID:Committee / subcommitee title:TWI Staff:
ASTM F42 Additive Manufacturing Technology A Alison
AMT/8 Additive Manufacturing Technology A Alison
ISO/TC261 Additive Manufacturing Technology A Alison
ISO/TC 44/SC 14/WG 1 Additive manufacturing in aerospace R Freeman
AWS D17 Aerospace applications R Freeman
ISO/TC35/SC9/WG32 Coating materials for wind-turbine rotor blades and tidal-steam driven rotor blades. G Durand
NTI/1 Nanotechnology Standards Committee A Taylor
European Committee for Certification of Welding for Rail Vehicle (ECWRV) Requirements for certification of manufacturers C Eady
European federation for Welding, Joining and Cutting (EWF) EA development and revision of guidance documents, such as EA-6/03 for certification of manufacturers in accordance with ISO 3834 C Eady
ASNT Certification Managing and overseeing implementation of all ASNT certification programs Ivan Pinson
STI/040 Thermal spraying and thermally sprayed coatings Roger Barnett
UK Notified Bodies Construction Products Directive (CPD) C Eady
CEN/TC395/WG2 Engineering consultancy C Eady
EFC WP13 Corrosion Oil and Gas Production R Pargeter
EFC WP15 Corrosion in Refineries R Pargeter
EFC WP9 Marine corrosion S Paul (Secretary)
TG0299 ISO 15156/NACE MR0175 S Paul (Chair)
ISO/TC 67 Materials, equipment and offshore structures for petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas industries K Sotoudeh
PSE/17 Materials and equipment for petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas industries R Pargeter
PSE/017/0-/04 Drilling and production equipment for petroleum and natural gas industries C Eady
API SC 15 Subcommittee on Fiberglass & Plastic Tubulars B Craster
WEE/37/-/1 Fracture sub group (revision of BS 7910) I Hadley
WEE/37/-/2 Corrosion and EAC sub group (revision of BS 7910) I Hadley and P Jamshidi
WEE/37/-/3 Fatigue sub group (revision of BS 7910) M Dore and I Hadley
WEE/37/-/4 Residual Stresses sub group (revision of BS 7910) T London and I Hadley
WEE/37/-/5 Reliability sub group (revision of BS 7910) I Hadley and C Schneider
WEE/37/-/6 Creep sub group (revision of BS 7910) I Hadley
WEE/37/-/7 Properties sub group (revision of BS 7910) M Ali and I Hadley
WEE/37/-/9 BS 7608 (revision of BS 7910) M Dore and I Hadley
WEE/37/-/11 Strain-based Analysis (revision of BS 7910) I Hadley
WEE/37/-/8 Offshore Structures sub group (revision of BS 7910) I Hadley
WEE/37/-/10 Non-destructive Examination (revision of BS 7910) C Schneider and I Hadley
R6 panel Nuclear Research and Development Panel I Hadley
R6 panel - subgroup Weld Modelling Guidelines T London
R6 panel - subgroup Residual Stress profiles T London
API 579-1/ASME FFS-1 Joint ASME-API Fitness-for-service standard committee M Cheaitani
IIW C-III Resistance welding, solid state welding and allied joining processes Kathryn Beamish
IIW C-III-B/WGB1 Standardisation of FSW Mike Russell
IIW C-III-B/WGB4 Friction Stir Spot Welding Kathryn Beamish and Khalid Nor
CEN/TC121/SC9/WG6 Procedure for quantitative determination of fume from resistance spot welding G J Carter
ISO/TC44/SC9/WG4 Safety requirements for welding equipment G J Carter
WEE/40 Health and safety in welding G J Carter
IIW C-VIII Health, safety and environment G Melton
RCC-MRx RCC-MRx subcommitee M Consonni
European Laser Institute Laser Technology and Photonics P Hilton (President)
Association of Industrial Laser Users Laser Applications and manufacturing John Blackburn
IIW C -XIII Fatigue of Welded components and Structures M Dore
ISE/12 Structural steels R J Pargeter
ISE/12/WG1 Offshore steels R J Pargeter
ISE/102 Methods of checmical analysis for iron & steel S M Stevens
ISE/103 Structural Steels Other Than Reinforcements R J Pargeter
ISE/73 Steels for pressure purposes R J Pargeter
IIW C-IX Behaviour of metals subject to welding H G Pisarski (UK delegate) and C Punshon
ISE/101 Tets methods for metals P Moore
ISE/101/04 (is a BSI Committee) Fracture toughness testing P Moore
ISE/101/04/02 (a Sub-committee) SENT testing P L Moore (Chair)
ISO/TC164/SC4 Mechanical testing of metals / Fracture toughness testing P Moore
ISE/NFE/8 Corrosion of metals & alloys B Holmes
STG32 Oil and Gas Production - Metallurgy P Woollin
ISO/TC44/WG5 Welding simulation S Smith
BINDT Technical Policy and standards work for UK NDT - reports to BINDT Council I Cooper (Chair)
ACE/61/-/5 Standards for NDT of metallic materials for Aerospace I Cooper (Vice chair)
CEN/TC138/WG 7 Acoustic emission testing Slim Soua and Tat-Hean Gan
ISO/TC135/SC9 Acoustic emission testing Slim Soua and Tat-Hean Gan
WEE/37 Acceptance levels for defects in welds I Hadley
WEE/46 Eddy Current Testing S Majidnia
NACE TG 410 Guided wave technology for piping applications P Mudge
WEE/46 Acoustic emission testing Slim Soua and Tat-Hean Gan
IIW C-V Non-destructive Testing and Quality Assurance of Welded Products P Mudge
ASME BPV V (SG-VM) ASME working group on guided waves P Mudge
ADS (Aerospace Defence & Space) NDT special interest group Interacts with BINDT Aero and UKNANDTB to monitor and direct certification and standards for Aero in UK Members are mostly aero primes - responsible level llls and NDT policy makers I Cooper (Vice chair)
BINDT Aerospace Reports to BINDT council, focuses on aerospace issues I Cooper
BINDT Composites Reports to BINDT council, focuses on composites I Cooper
ESA ECSS-Q-ST-70-15C Creation of NDT standards for NDE of space vehicles I Cooper
WEE/46/-/4 NDT personnel certification C Eady
WEE/46/-/13 Ultrasonic testing C Schneider
WEE/46/-/14 Radiographic examination I Pinson
WEE/46/-/16 Visual examination I Pinson
WEE/46/-/20 Guided wave testing P Mudge and P Jackson
PRI/80 Welding of thermoplastics - Chairman M Troughton (Chair)
PRI/80/-/1 Welding of thermoplastic moulded components M Troughton
PRI/88/4 Test Methods - Plastic Piping M Troughton
- UK Water Industry Work Group on Training of PE pipe welders M Troughton
ISO/TC138/SC5/WG17 Plastics Pipes, Fittings and Valves - Alternative Test Methods M Troughton
EWF WF Plastic Welders Plastic Welders M Troughton (Chair)
AWS G1A Hot gas and extrusion welding M Troughton
AWS B2F Plastics welding qualification M Troughton
ASTM E07.06 Nondestructive Testing - Ultrasonic Method M Troughton
ASTM F17.20 Plastic Piping Systems - Joining M Troughton
ASTM F17.40 Plastic Piping Systems - Test Methods M Troughton
ASME BPV III WG HDPE Materials M Troughton
ASME BPV IX SG Plastic Fusing M Troughton
ASME SWG HDPE Stakeholders M Troughton
ISO/TC44/SC15 Welding of moulded plastics M Troughton
CEN/TC249/WG16 Thermoplastics Welding M Troughton
IIW C-IV Power beam processes C Punshon and P Hilton
PVE/1 Pressure vessels J Wintle
PVE/1/15 Design methods J Wintle
PVE/1/16 Fabrication & joining techniques M Consonni
PVE/1/18 Low temperature performance I Hadley
CEN/TC54 Pressure vessels J Wintle
CEN/TC54/WG52 Sub-group on Low Temperature I Hadley
UK Notified Bodies Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) C Eady
Engineering Council UK-SPEC standard for professional engineering competence C Eady
RCC-M RCC-M subcommitee C Carpentier
API 580/581 API Recommended Practice 580, Risk-Based Inspection & API Recommended Practice 581 Risk-Based Inspection Technology S Maleki
International Institute of Welding (IIW) SC-Qual and WG-STAND Develop IIW guidance on standards and prepare drafts for submission to ISO C Eady
IIW Commission VI, liaising with CEN and ISO/TC 44/SC 7 Welding Terminology and the IIW Welding Thesaurus S M Thomas
WEE/2 Destructive testing of welds R J Pargeter, M Consonni and C Punshon
AWS D3B Subcommitee on underwater welding U Ofem
WEE/19 Brazing and braze welding Nick Ludford
CEN/TC256/WG31 Rail vehicle welding C Eady
ISO/TC44/SC10/WG12 Welding Energies M Consonni
WEE/1 Definitions and symbols for welding (WG1 covers representation on drawings) M H Ogle
ISO/TC44/SC 10 Quality management in the field of welding M Consonni and W Lucas
WEE/6 Electric arc welding equipment G B Melton
WEE/17 Metal-arc welding of steel R J Pargeter
WEE/21/7 Field welding of pipelines R J Pargeter
WEE/28 Inert gas arc welding W Lucas
WEE/29 Resistance Welding Equipment Sullivan Smith
WEE/36 Approval testing of procedures M Consonni and W Lucas
WEE/-/1/8 Beam Welding C Punshon
ISO/TC44/SC 11 Qualification requirements for welding and allied processes personnel M Consonni and W Lucas
ISO/TC67/SC2/WG8 Pipelines trasportation systems / Pipeline welding R Pargeter
ASME BPV IX Committee on Welding, Brazing and Fusing M Consonni
ISO/TC44/SC10/WG1 Quality levels for imperfections in welded joints M Ogle
IIW SC 11-A Metallurgy of weld metals R J Pargeter
IIW SC 11-C Testing and measurement of weld metal P Woollin
IIW SC IX-H Welding of stainless steels and nickel alloys P Woollin and M Gittos
IIW SC IX-NF Welding non-ferrous alloys M Gittos
IIW C-XII Arc welding processes and production systems G Melton (Voting delegate), A Woloszyn and V Kumar
IEC/TC26 Electric Welding Equipment G B Melton
CENELEC /TC26A Arc welding equipment G B Melton

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