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Pipeline Integrity Management

Pipeline integrity management
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Pipelines are a crucial part of the energy delivery system. The oil and gas industry and its supply chain invest heavily to ensure that pipelines continue to meet the needs of the energy industry worldwide.

TWI, with over 60 years’ experience in delivering pipeline integrity services globally, has gained a world class reputation for supplying high calibre design, consultancy and risk management services to clients in the oil and gas, energy and power generation sectors. These services combine a diverse range of expertise enabling a full knowledge of all factors relevant to pipeline integrity.

TWI’s aim is to help member companies to enhance safety and best practice and to reduce their operational costs through the effective use of advanced technologies and techniques.

Pipeline owners/operators need a pipeline integrity management solution which is able to store and integrate critical data about the pipeline route, materials, facilities, operations, inspections, repairs and modifications to be able to align different types of data from different sources. TWI’s pipeline integrity management software provide this functionality as well as assessment capability tools integrated for fitness for services (IntegriWISE) and risk based inspection (RISKWISE).

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TWI's demonstrable track record in risk based asset management with its support and guidance in several key aspects of pipeline design and maintenance (materials selection, corrosion mitigation, installation, inspection planning, testing and research) will provide assurance to offer pipeline integrity management to its customers.

In addition, the TWI pipeline integrity management software enables pipeline owners, operators and service providers to collect, verify, store, and analyse pipeline data to be able to manage operational, regulatory and safety risks, and to maintain pipelines safely and efficiently.


  • Provides a comprehensive approach to cost-effective life management of pipelines for oil, gas, chemicals or water transport
  • Ability to query the pipeline database for engineering decisions
  • Identify and manage risks by translating inspection data into pipeline risk and remaining life profiles for ‘direct assessment’
  • It can link to proprietary technologies (e.g. in-line inspection or Guided Wave inspection)
  • Minimises the cost and complexity, while giving the client a flexible and scalable product
  • Facilitates the selection of optimum risk mitigation measures
  • Standardise data input formats from non-vendor-specific
  • Integration with mapping functionality
  • Data security & integrity


  • Pipelines for oil, gas, chemicals or water transport
  • Pipeline risk assessment
  • Data integration
  • Gathering line integrity management
  • Gas Distribution/transmission pipeline
  • Gathering lines

TWI Provides:

  • Probability of Detection

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