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Pipe Welding and Testing Equipment at TWI

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Butt fusion

Fusion semi-automatic butt fusion machine Up to 315mm diameter
Fusion semi-automatic butt fusion machine Up to 180mm diameter
Gawaplast manual butt fusion machine Up to 160mm diameter, with socket fusion attachments
Ritmo manual butt fusion machine Up to 160mm diameter
Fusion external debeading/cutting tool 90-450mm diameter
Fusion Provida External debeader What size range?
Fusion Provida internal debeading tool 3 heads
Digital thermometer and probes  


PF digimatic electrofusion control box 40v
Pipe Clamps Up to 63mm diameter
Pipe Clamps 63-125mm diameter
Pipe Clamps Up to 450mm diameter
Scraping tools x2 Up to 500mm diameter
Hand srapers  
Other welding machines  
Agru SP100 infrared welding machine Up to 110mm diameter
Infrared lamp welding Bespoke machine based on Bielomatik K2102 hot plate welder. Up to 125mm diameter
Ritmo hand held socket fusion kit 20mm-63mm
Vibration welding Tooling for Bielomatik K3215 machine. Up to 180mm diameter
Laser welding Tooling for 300w laserline 808/940nm diode laser. Up to 63mm diameter

Hot gas/extrusion

Munsch SKR Extrusion welding gun  
Munsch UKR Extrusion welding gun  
Leister S2 extrusion welder  
Leister S6 extrusion welder  
Leister Diode PID hot gas torch  
Leister Triac PID welding torch 3 off
Leister Hot Jet S welding torch  
Ditzler hot gas welding torch  
Goodburn hot gas welding torch  
Wegener Autotherm hot gas welding torch 2 off
Assorted welding nozzles  
Grinderettes Hitachi and Bosch
Calstik temperature measuring device  

Testing and analysis

Ingenia portable bend tester  
Housfield universal testing machine over a temperature range from -40°C to +120°C For standard tensile, bend and peel/decohesion tests
Instron environmental chamber For test temperatures between -40 and +120°C
Coupon tensile creep rupture test rig 20 stations, up to 32mm wall thickness and +90°C
Whole pipe tensile creep rupture test rig 12 stations, up to 355mm diameter and +90°C
Four-point pipe bend test rig Up to 1m diameter
Heraeus temperature conditioning chamber  
Instrumented drop weight test equipment Rosand
PolyTest phased array ultrasonic NDT system 110-800mm diameter, butt fusion and electrofusion
Fourier transform infrared spectrometer Perkin Elmer. With microscope attachment
Exoscan portable fourier transfrom infrared spectrometer Exoscan
Differential Scanning Calorimeter Perkin Elmer.

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