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Friction and Forge Processes (FFP) Laboratories

Friction and Forge Processes (FFP) Laboratories
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These laboratories are used for the research and development of friction welded joints. The core technologies offered from these facilities include rotary friction welding, linear friction welding and friction stir welding (invented by TWI in 1991).

The key industry benefits offered by the FFP laboratory are the wide range of similar and dissimilar materials which may be joined, formed, or processed using these low-temperature, low distortion solid-state techniques. A full friction welding support package is offered for all of the above technologies, from design review and feasibility trials, through to weld procedure specification, machine specification, site implementation and operative training to satisfy ISO conformity.

Equipment factsheet

Refill friction stir spot welding robot

Custom-built dual-head FSW machine

Linear friction welding machine

Open-structure linear friction welding machine

Prototype linear friction welding machine

Rotary friction welding machine

Wenzel 3D coordinate measuring machine (CMM) - LH1512

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