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Electron Beam Laboratory

Electron Beam Laboratory
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This laboratory contains a number of commercial and bespoke electron beam (EB) welding and processing machines and test facilities, which are used in delivery of technical activities including, but not limited to, EB welding, additive manufacture, surface engineering and the development/supply of advanced equipment solutions.

The key industrial benefits from use of these facilities are i) access to research and development covering a broad spectrum of EB technologies, ii) provision of specialist low volume manufacturing services which bridge the gaps in the commercial supply chain and iii) access to the latest advances in EB equipment solutions. Electron beam welding and processing is used extensively in the aerospace and automotive sectors and offers a great opportunity for single-pass heavy section welding in the power sector where joint completion times can be reduced by a factor of ten or more compared to conventional approaches.

See here for a full list of TWI equipment.

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