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Coating Deposition

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Liquid or wet coatings can be deposited onto the part in a number ways, including spin coating, dip coating, draw-down or bar coating, spray, reel-to-reel or even by brushing or roller coating.

The considerations for process selection include part shape and size, required surface finish and considerations of the nature of the liquid to be deposited. Post deposition processing is an additional consideration particularly if there is a need to dry the part or a need to cure using UV or by heating.

Deposition of uniform, flaw free coatings is essential for testing, evaluation, validation and comparison of candidate coating formulations.

Flat plaque test specimens are required or favoured by many of the key coating test methods such as:

  • Abrasion testing ASTM D4060
  • Adhesion testing ISO 4624
  • Hardness testing BS ENISO 1518
  • Resistance to liquids BS EN ISO 2812-1

Such pristine surfaces can rarely be achieved in a production environment.

TWI's multi-disciplinary coatings team has considerable experience in coating deposition and has a unique laminar flow coating line available. This line has a series of filters that ensure that the air inside the line is free from dust particles, which may otherwise be incorporated into the wet film once it is deposited.

The coating line has dip, spin and drawn-down coating film application methods together with heating and UV curing facilities.

We take pride in offering a full and rounded solution to our Members, and take great care to ensure that we recommend the coating selection, testing and application methods that best suit your circumstances, paying attention to:

  • Coating deposition and curing process selection
  • Functional performance and long term durability
  • Supply chain considerations
  • Legislative considerations (e.g. VOC content)
  • Judicious use of new technologies and materials to achieve challenging targets

Our advice is always impartial because we are not allied to the suppliers of any particular raw materials or formulation chemistry.

Controlled production of uniform, defect –free coatings on standard substrates is essential in the generation of comparative performance data. This data provides a robust platform to make key selection decisions.

Our track record includes coatings deposition for applications in the following sectors for:

  • Plastic electronics
  • High temperature electronics
  • Power storage (battery power)
  • Solar power
  • Automotive glazing
  • Medical devices
  • Oil and gas

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