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One-shot pipe welding processes and development


One-shot pipe welding usually involves a solid state (or forge welding) process to join two lengths of pipe in one attempt. As the title implies, the weld cycle times are short when compared to multi-pass fusion welding techniques.

A variety of processes have been developed for one-shot pipe joining. Those which have been investigated include:-

The main advantage of using these techniques instead of multi-pass fusion welding, are the fast weld cycle times which are economically attractive, especially when joining corrosion resistant (CRA) pipeline. Also, as the equipment is usually semi-automatic in operation, non-welder trained labour can be used to produce reproducible, good integrity welds.

Interest in these processes has accelerated over the last five years and is linked with the increased need to use CRA pipeline such as martensitic stainless steel, duplex stainless steel or titanium alloys. CRA pipeline is often needed in marginal fields where there is a corrosive environment.

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