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  • Permission to use TWI logo

Permission to use TWI logo


Use of TWI name, mark and tagline "Industrial Members"

TWI is the beneficial owner of the rights, both registered and unregistered, title and interest in the TWI name, the TWI mark and any associated corporate taglines ("the Trademarks").

TWI Ltd. gives permission to you the Company, by virtue and in consideration of their being an Industrial Member of TWI, to use the Trademarks

  • to identify the Company as an Industrial Member of TWI.

The scope of use is restricted to:

  • use on the Company web-site.

No other use is permitted by way of this licence. The Trademark shall be used in the format provided and you the Company shall not amend, modify, deface or otherwise alter the Trademarks. This licence does not permit you the Company to create your own version of the Trademarks.

For the avoidance of doubt, the Trademarks cannot be used in any way to endorse the Company, its services or products.

The rights provided for herein are effective for the following period:

  • for as long as the Company is an Industrial Member of TWI whereby the organisation has paid an annual Technology Access Fee directly to TWI.

On termination or cancellation of Industrial Membership of TWI, The Company will not be allowed further use of the Trademarks and shall cease use of the Trademarks forthwith. The Company shall confirm in writing to TWI that cessation of use of the Trademarks has been carried out and afford TWI every opportunity to verify such facts as necessary.

The representation of the Trademarks is provided for in the Brand Guidelines document and no other representation of the Trademarks are licensed nor should be used by you. Do not refer to TWI as 'The Welding Institute' in any advertising or other media. Any queries concerning use of the Trademarks should be addressed to TWI's Marketing Department

Use of the Trademarks confirms your acceptance of the conditions laid out herein. Any queries concerning any aspect of the licensed rights as provided for herein should be addressed to TWI's IP Department If there are any questions or comments on the above please do not hesitate to contact TWI.

For more information please email: