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Launch of New TWI Core Research Programme Projects

Thu, 09 February, 2023

TWI’s Core Research Programme (CRP) is designed to meet the needs of our Industrial Member companies and address their most significant technology challenges.  It follows a project based approach to provide tailored solutions to emerging technical and operational needs, funded by 50% of our Industrial Members' annual subscriptions.

Each year TWI’s Research Board selects new projects that have been identified as being of critical interest to our Industrial Members, focused on materials, joining, manufacturing and engineering processes.  The projects are led by dedicated teams of TWI experts, supported by mentors from industry, harnessing innovative thinking and approaches.

For 2023, the projects selected by the Research Board are grouped into three themes:

Digitalisation, Data and Digital Twin

Net-Zero, Hydrogen and Low Carbon Technologies

Smart Manufacturing

At the end of each project, in-depth reports are published exclusively for TWI Industrial Members.  The reports grow TWI’s already extensive knowledge-base and help maximise benefit, cost effectiveness and tangible operating impact for our Industrial Members.

In addition, the CRP will also be funding three new PhDs at the National Structural Integrity Research Centre (NSIRC).  Through these PhDs, TWI will gain fundamental knowledge to underpin future CRP research. The research topics selected for 2023 are:

Tat-Hean Gan, Director of Membership and Innovation said “The Core Research Programme addresses the emerging needs of TWI Industrial Members by facilitating a rolling programme of technology based projects. It utilises both PhDs to take on research ranging from TRLs 1 to 5, to expand the knowledge, test technical implementation of technologies and develop novel techniques, while TWI experts work on industrial projects focusing on TRLs 5 to 9, producing industry-relevant research that our Member companies can use to implement cost-effective solutions, and improve standards, operations, systems and working conditions for engineers and employees.”

Visit our dedicated website to learn more about the Core Research Programme.

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