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Expert Support with Highly Compact Heat Exchangers

Fri, 02 June, 2023

Heat exchangers are used by a variety of industries to transfer heat for both cooling and heating processes in a range of applications, from aerospace and automotive to power generation.

However, most heat exchangers have limited performance and efficiency due to low heat transfer rates and difficulties in integrating them into complex surrounding systems and structures.

There is a real need for durable, reliable and cost-effective heat exchanger solutions capable of handling high pressures and temperatures simultaneously to reduce fuel consumption and costs, lower system footprints and also offer improved performance.

Our expertise across a range of industries and applications as well as our knowledge of joining methods, materials, modelling, design, surface treatments, and more means that TWI can offer a range of support for highly compact heat exchangers for extreme environments.

Experience, Research and Projects

We have worked on a variety of different projects related to heat exchangers. This work includes working alongside Meggitt Aerospace Limited on the EU-CleanSky 2-funded ‘C-ALM AOHE’ project to improve air-oil heat exchanger technology using additive layer manufacturing, as well as a project funded by and for the European Space Agency to develop compact lightweight micro-channel heat exchangers (MCHX) for reusable launch systems.

We have also been influential members of the GEOHEX project consortium, working to improve the heat transfer performance of heat exchangers for geothermal applications, have been researching and developing printed circuit heat exchangers (PCHEs) made from low density alloys, such as aluminium alloys, and have been undertaking lab-scale corrosion testing for heat exchangers.

These are just some examples of the work that we have been involved in to support heat exchanger-related activities and developments.

Our heat exchanger expertise has been trusted by organisations including Reaction Engines, the European Space Agency, Rolls Royce, and Boeing, among others, while our ongoing research and project work allows us to stay ahead of the competition to deliver innovative solutions for industry.

Key Heat Exchanger Offerings from TWI

Our experts are happy to assist with a wide range of challenges related to heat exchangers. These offerings incude:

  • Diffusion Bonding: We can assist with diffusion bonding solutions, including for very high density microchannels, and have been named as one of the top five key players in the uniaxial diffusion bonding furnace market by industry researchers, The Insight Partners
  • Brazing: We can offer brazing support and solutions for heat exchangers
  • Materials: Our expertise in materials means that we can assist with materials selection and development to withstand high temperatures, pressures, loads, fatigue, corrosion, and more
  • Simulation and Modelling: Our simulation and modelling capabilities can provide design and research support for heat exchangers, including thermal assessments, fluido-dynamic modelling, and processing support. In addition we can offer modelling of fouling and flow assurance for both new and existing designs
  • Coatings: Our knowledge of different coatings can help you devise solutions for a range of heat exchanger applications, ranging from complex and highly compact systems to larger-scale industrial exchangers
  • Laser Surface Treatments: The functionalities of your heat exchange solutions can be expanded through our expertise of laser surface treatments
  • Failure Investigations: Our independent and impartial experts can also provide failure investigation support and mitigation advice

Industrial Members are invited to contact us using the email link below or speak with your company representative to find out more about how we can help solve your challenges and improve performance, while lowering the cost of your heat exchange solutions.

For more information please email: