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TWI Signs MOU with Parahyangan Catholic University

Fri, 10 June, 2022

TWI has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Parahyangan Catholic to cover a number of joint opportunities and initiatives.

The MoU was signed by TWI’s Innovation and Skills Director, Tat-Hean Gan, and the Rector of UNPAR, Mangadar Situmorang PhD, to establish a joint, industry-led postgraduate research centre as part of the NISRC International programme.

The centre will operate across a range of research and development projects, with Tat-Hean Gan explaining, “Many times, the issue when a company hires a PhD student is that they have to retrain them, and this reduces the time they could be working on industrial projects. So, to save time, we launched the NSIRC programme to work on industrial challenges and, by doing that, the students can be exposed to the needs of industry straightaway, rather than further training once a traditional PhD is completed."

Tat-Hean continued, “Our sponsors, Lloyd’s Register Foundation are very keen for us to outreach globally with the aim of benefiting underprivileged students. Looking at the impact of the international programme, we would like to create talent in the pipelines for us, our Industrial Members, and for the benefit of society. Through that, we hope to publish in high impact journals, and for students to take part in international conferences, gaining knowledge and experience.”

Also speaking on the initiative, UNPAR Rector, Mangadar Situmorang PhD, said, “UNPAR is one of the oldest private universities in Indonesia with more than 11,000 students from vocational to undergraduate and postgraduate. But, our proportion for master and postgraduate is still very small as a part of the whole student body. Now we believe there is a possibility for us to advance our postgraduate programmes. With the very broad range of projects and programmes that TWI has across the world, from engineering to construction, to manufacture and all other kinds of industrial activity, we see this as a great opportunity for UNPAR to take part, and for our students.”

Mangadar added, “Thank you to Professor Tat-Hean Gan, and all colleagues at TWI, for offering the opportunity to our students, especially on the international programme, this offer for the advancement of the university, the academic excellence, research, publications and so on. With the huge network that you [TWI] have, the very diverse activities, I saw it was an excellent opportunity for UNPAR to use it, in-line with our programme at national level, where the government is focusing on developing the infrastructure sector, as well as getting businesses more involved with manufacturing activities. But most importantly, the develop our human resources. And we see this through the academic activities, network and programme that you have offered us."

The TWI NSIRC International programme is funded by Lloyd's Register Foundation (LRF), a founding partner of NSIRC since 2012, whom continue to provide vital funding for PhD Scholarships that will have a positive impact towards the protection of life.

Postgraduate students with NSIRC International will explore topics agreed mutually between TWI and UNPAR that are beneficial to both academia and industry.

The new programme will follow NSIRC's Technology Strategy and Roadmap, which was created by our Industrial Members to focus on the key themes of digitalisation, smart manufacturing, new materials and circular economy, and net zero.

To find out more and see how you and your organisation can become involved with NSIRC International, please email

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