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New TWI ‘Undistilled Engineering’ Podcast Released

Fri, 12 August, 2022

Podcast host and marketing manager, Mike Emmett was joined by welding engineers, David Bage and James Bell for the second TWI ‘Undistilled Engineering’ podcast.

David Bage is a training programme manager at TWI with decades of industry experience, having worked in oil and gas, transport and telecommunications. He has also worked as a high school teacher and technical college lecturer before joining TWI, where he is responsible for our engineering diploma as well our welding training workshop and welding inspection. Having worked his way up from starting out as an apprentice, David offered plenty of interesting insights for both new and experienced professionals.

James Bell is a former TWI employee who started his own company in Sunderland, Carbon Arc Training and Consultancy Ltd, delivering a range of engineering and training support.

Both spoke on how and why they became involved in engineering and welding as well as opening up about their careers to date. David and James highlighted the many benefits of their work, including how it provides opportunities to travel and the importance of the lifestyle that accompanies the salary.

Including plenty of advice on how to make engineering more appealing to the next generation as well as discussions on the current situation with engineering in the UK, funding for projects and how engineering is changing around the world.

You can see the wide ranging and informative discussion here.

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